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Tile and Grout Cleaning

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Tile and Grout Cleaning

Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Promise

We have achieved amazing results with the techniques we have honed after years of providing Tile and Grout cleaning services. We really know how to make those tiles shine and leave your floors hygienically and aesthetically clean.

The Big Benefits of Keeping your Tiles and Grout Clean
Our specialists have the expertise and drive to clean your tiles and grout thoroughly so that:

  • You save money by extending the life of your tiles
  • You can welcome visitors into your home or office with pride
  • Enjoy a healthier, cleaner environment

The difference after a clean from our technicians really can be amazing. Grout in particular can pick up dirt very quickly without you realizing or noticing. But for it to keep doing its job effectively, a thorough clean is essential. Call The King of Clean Team today for your free quotation!

The Benefits of Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Process

Stay Cleaner For Longer

We strip the sealant from your tiles before we clean. This ensures there is not a build up of dirt and allows us to get into the pores of your tiles. We also apply a sealant after the clean, this protects your tiles keeping them cleaner for longer.

Hygienically Healthy

We use effective eco-friendly, non-harmful cleaning products. The green products we use on your carpets leave them hygienically healthy and safe for your children and pets to play on.

Ensure a Deep Down Tile Clean

The professional cleaning machinery we use doesn't just clean the tile surface, it penetrates into the pores of your tiles. This allows for a thorough clean, which always produces outstanding results.

No More Marks! (and even less mopping)

The stains and markings in your tiles will have disappeared and you will be left with that 'WOW factor' when you walk into your home. Plus, mopping will seem so much easier and more effective when the pores of your tiles have been blasted clean.



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